Friday, April 16, 2010

My new earrings!

Hi Everyone,

I received a new pair of earrings in the mail today from 2 Good Claymates.  It was part of a swap that we had arranged.  I sent her bits and pieces of my landscape canes plus a couple of other things and from that I received these earrings!

I love them and am going to wear them to work today.  They're light and fun and feel so nice when I swish my head around.

If you look closely you can see bits of her extruded spiral cane in the cane work.

Carolyn has recently introduced me to Clay Lessons an on-line site that lists all sorts of tutorials on clay, many of them free.

Thanks so much Carolyn!  These are going to be a wonderful part of my collection of earring collection and they already look very pretty on my earring holder.

Now off to figure out what to wear.



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