Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Extruded spirals from 2 Good Claymates - Week 13 of canes

Hi Everyone,

I've become virtual friends with Carolyn from 2 Good Claymates and we frequently check out each other's blogs to see what we're up to.  She's incredibly talented when it comes to the finishing details (as shown in the picture above) and I envy that ability so very much.  She's also very generous with her knowledge and regularly posts tutorials that are exceptionally easy to follow. 

As I was playing with my extruded canes inspired by Cara at Surfingcat, Carolyn was also playing with her version which she came up with without using Cara's work as inspiration.  There must have been something in the ethers as Carolyn and I both decided to use a twist in the extruder.  Sometimes I do think there's some kind of creative mist out there that people get inspired by as all of a sudden there will be several people explaining similar but different techniques or results.  I love that this field in particularly seems to be a very sharing field and I've had fun being a part of this particular creative mist.

Anyhow, I've stolen one of her photos which is shown up at the top of my blog so you can see her extruded spiral cane.  The tutorial is here.  You can also see her recent plaid cane on her blog which doesn't look so great (sorry Carolyn) as a cane, but looks amazing as a finished product (which is why I so much envy her talent). 

Please spend some time perusing her blog.  I'm in the process of arranging a swap with her.  She wants some of my landscape canes and I'm going to get a pair of earrings made specially for me.  I, by far, get the better end of the deal.  I'll post photos once the swap is completed.




surfingcat said...

Funny how we were all sort of doing the same thing - best bit is everyone has shared their ideas so we can all benefit.

So who is going to take it one step further again now?
Have fun playing everyone!

2 Good Claymates said...

I like the sharing part the best as well! I have some new stuff in the oven -- hopefully I can share it by tonight.

Your earrings are almost finished (sorry I'm so slow) -- I have to wait to send it after the holidays now but I'm so excited to get your cane, etc. Will be fun to play with I'm sure!