Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bottles of Hope 12-32

Bottles 12 and 13 (no I did not make the hats, they were part of a dollar store purchase)

Bottles 14 - 17

Bottles 18 - 24

Bottles 25 - 32

My new way of carrying my BOH.

Hi Everyone,

As part of my commitment from the OWOH giveaway, I'm working on 100 Bottles of Hope which will be given to cancer patients at two of our local hospitals. These are bottles 12-32. I had actually miscounted last time and only got up to Bottle 11 instead of 12. If you've been following my blog you'll recognize the source of many of the coverings.

The bottles were made while listening to the Sarah McLachlan CD that Renee had given me. Unfortunately Renee has passed away so this is my way of infusing her spirit and joy into the bottles. There are some tears in the making of the bottles (though not actually in the bottles) as well, which seem fitting as cancer isn't necessarily a joyous path to be forced to take.

Here are the blogs that the bottles are made on behalf of (somehow I think this might be bad grammar). There are all sorts of blogs in this grouping from crafters to spiritual types to stay at home mothers. Take a flip through a few of them and enjoy.

12. Astrid MacLean
13. Athena
14. Pike
15. Knerten
16. nattyj
17. The Rustic Victorian
18. Carol
19. Louise (my favourite BOH woman)
20. Robin
21. Comfort Joy Designs
22. Sue C
23. Craftymoose Crafts
24. Renee, who unfortunately, and to my great sorrow passed away a few weeks ago
25. Grace Beading
26. carylsrealm
27. Debby
28. Bleubeard and Elizabeth
29. Tammie Lee
30. Michaele
31. Brianna
32. Beadwright



Debby said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you are actually doing this. The bottles are so fabulous, inspirational and so full of love. You are simply the best!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is a wonderful thing you are doing and I am humbled that you are doing it on my blog's behalf.
Thank you. Debbie

Tammie Lee said...

Hi Sandy,
This is an amazing project that you are doing. And your bottles are beautiful and charming. I sense you will bring a smile to many peoples hearts.

Robin said...

How absolutely beautiful, and so full of hope inside and out.

Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of this in my small way.

nattyj said...

Wow, wow, wow! This is very special. You have done a beautiful job & so privileged to have one made on my blog's behalf! Well done! And so sorry to hear about your beautiful friend.

surfingcat said...

I am sure they will be well recieved, with hope!

I particularly like the landscape cane ones.

Knerten said...

I feel honoured that you have included me and my blog :-)
Your BOH's are truly lovely and so impressive; I'm stunned.

Lovely project this is, but I'm so sorry about your loss - dear Renee, who just passed away.

Once again; thank you for doing this great project, Sandy.

Take care, and may God bless you !

Sue C said...

How wonderful, thank you for including me in the inspiration. Hugs and smiles. Sue C

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an awesome gesture. I'm so sorry to read about Renee, but I know these bottles will be bring inspiration and hope to the others. I'm glad to read I could be included in this wonderful project.