Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not that kind of blog...

Hi Everyone,

Occasionally I'll go into my sitemeter link (which you can see on the left if you scroll down far enough) to see how my blog is being found by others. Some of the search terms are interesting and one from today made me smile.

The search was a google search for "Sandy and Jana in the shower".

Unfortunately for the searcher, my blog is not that kind of blog, nor will it ever be and this entry is as racy as it's going to get.

Talk about the disappointment on the other end. I'm sure the viewer was thinking something along the lines of "why does this show up????".

My blog on the shower curtain texture sheet here was very popular for spammers for a while there and I think it's bumped to the top of some listings somehow. I also know that I've written about Jana Roberts Benzon a couple of times so that's probably also where it came from.

Anyhow, I'm not always sure how people find out about my blog, but I am sure that the person who put that into their search engine did not find what they were looking for on my site.

But wouldn't it be funny if we've turned that person into a clayer? Stranger things can happen though it would make for an awkward introduction at a guild meeting.




Pamela said...

LOL, isn't it funny what will drag people in. Personally I found your blog by searching on 'stained glass snowflake'. I'm currently taking a stained glass class and looking for inspiration. I've also played around with poly clay but not too much, hope to get back to it in the future.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

tee hee hee Sandy! That is pretty funny! That would be an awkward introduction at a guild meeting!... "Hi, I'm the guy that was looking for the shower pictures but got interested in making polymer clay beads instead." Would be one way to get more guys interested in the medium though! ;-)

jana said...

Ha! Sandy....this is so funny! I actually came to YOUR blog because I'd noticed so many visits to my site from yours. And, now to find out we've been in the shower together (lol!!). Thanks for the laugh....I've seen some pretty funny google terms that have brought people to my site. I've become very educated...apparently, there is an adult movie star that calls herself "Jana Rocks"; well, because I have my "vrindavana river rock beads" on my site, I see visits every month from folks who have googled "jana rocks". I'm sure they're sorely dissappointed when they see jewelry (another lol)....

Great blog, btw! take care, jana