Sunday, July 6, 2008

Faux cloisonne

Hi Everyone,

We had a clay day today where six of us got together to practice a technique that Jacey taught at guild last week. Only one of us in the group were able to attend last week.

It's a faux cloisonne technique that involves using Peel-Off stickers. I had never noticed the stamps before, they're a raised metallic foil stamp that mimics the wire traditionally used in cloisonne. Scrapbookers apparently will be well aware of them.

Anyhow, bake the clay, put the sticker on, paint with tinted liquid clay, bake again, add thin layer of translucent liquid clay, bake, heat gun, add another layer, bake and heat gun. The photo is what I created today. I used Donna Kato liquid translucent clay and tinted with PearlEx powders. The piece is about 1.5 inches high. Others in our group used different colour backgrounds including black, fuschia, blue, green. All came out quite nice.

Time consuming, but meditatively easy.

Jacey learned it from a scrapbooking store she frequents, but the technique is also published in a how to make polymer clay bead book that Laurie showed us today (though I don't remember the author).

Thanks to Jacey for teaching Barbara the technique so that she could teach us.




Anonymous said...

Cool.. I, too, wasn't able to attend the meeting. I was "up north" watching the rain and dodging the bugs. All was not lost, however as I was also enjoying the company of good friends. Plus we did some claying (A CF dragon from the online class).
Thanks for posting this Sandy.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

What an awesome technique! I have never seen those stickers before, now I will have to keep my eye out for them. Thank you so much for the cool idea!