Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bev and Wendy's Cabezel Jewellery Molds

Hi Everyone,

This might be a short entry (for me) since I'm doing this on a business trip and have to be in the hotel lobby in 20 minutes (so apologies for the photos going in bizarre places). Since I wasn't able to create masterpieces with Bev and Wendy's Cabezel Jewellery Molds, I asked Wendy if she could send me photos of some of the work that she's done.

Here are a few of her samples. Both Bev and Wendy are working on coming up with more images, tutorials, and other tips and tricks to get the creative spark going. Two of the photos show the beauty of the irregular shaped mold and the things that you can do with them.

I particularly like the second image in this set - I've been cutting the frame right to the edge of the frame, but this one shows how you can trim away from the frame. It really allows for a custom feel to it. I can see doing a collage with the different frames and maybe even putting photo transfers into the framed spaces.

I always love tools that allow you to use them but come up with your own take on how you use them. Bev and Wendy's Cabezel (I even like the name of them) Jewellery Molds fit the bill perfectly. The molds sell for $20 each. You can get more information on them (or buy them) by contacting Bev through her website at




Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Those are really cool Sandy! I take it they mold polymer clay into bezels. How handy is that!

I went to their site and didn't see them there but did see some fantastic texture sheets. Would love to demo those, they are so unique!

Vivi said...

hi Sandy !!
how are you ?
the kids are on vacation, so I'm not much in front of my PC ... but today, I come to you !
I like your project of the 27 of july ... it's very nice !!