Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to track your favourite blogs (or any other websites)

Hi Everyone,

Today's entry has nothing to do with clay. I use a free utility at work that notifies me when there is a change to a website (such as a blog). It's called TrackEngine and is available for free here:


It's fairly simple to use. You do have to sign up, but once you do when you're on a website that you decide that you want to track, it's as simple as cliking a couple of buttons. I haven't had success with the drag and drop method that they call for, so I use the alternate method of having it sit in my favourites.

Basically, when you come to a website that changes on an irregular basis (like many of the polymer clay blogs), you can add that website to the TrackEngine and you'll then get an e-mail any time it is updated. The changes are highlighted in blue.

Very useful for intermittent posters.

I wouldn't do it for something that changes daily (unless you want a reminder to check that site each day).

One thing to note is that you'll get notifications for EVERY change to the website, even if it's someone adding a comment to a blog. But, because the changes are highlighted in blue, if you don't see any blue, then you probably don't need to see the change. Also, if someone is posting and then seeing what it looks like and then posting (like I've done with this one), you'll get multiple notifications for the same post.

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