Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Swap Teasers

Hello Everyone,

I discovered a nifty feature on my Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo image software. It's called "kaleidoscope" reflection.

I thought I'd play with the Christmas ornaments that I've received so far from the swap and post the images.

These images are photos of ornmanents from: Iris, Gera, Gail, Pat, and me. I won't say whose are whose.

But, they're fun to look at and a huge time waster because of all the settings that can be tweaked.

Hope you enjoy the images,


1 comment:

Pat Sernyk said...

Hi ho ho ho Sandy,
Well you really have been playing with the kaleidoscoping! because I know which ornamnets I sent and from these pictures I can't even tell which ones are mine.
Good little teaser!