Monday, September 10, 2007

Today's topic - site statistics

Hello Everyone,

Recently due to Vio's enthusiasm for promoting Canadians within Clayamies there has been a flurry of activity as our talented Clayamies create blogs. Many of us are newbies to blogging and are just trying it out. This posting is for the blog newbies.

This weekend I was speaking with Marg Scott from Shades of Clay and she asked me if I had been tracking any statistics on my blog. I said that I hadn't and that I'd figure out how to do that when I had a chance. Apparently those that host actual websites get access to all kinds of information including which websites they were at previously and which websites they went to afterwards.

Fortunately, is very easy to use, and within a few minutes of searching I had my answer on how to track basic statistics. I'll save people some work and you can find the link to the answer here here.

I signed up with Site Meter - sort of arbitrarily, after looking at a few of the choices that were available. The instructions from Site Meter (and any of the other sites that I visited) were really clear and concise. It took me longer to choose the statistics web site than it did to install it. Once I chose Site Meter it was probably 5-10 minutes start to finish to having it on my blog and that included the registration process.

I really liked the option that you could see who visited you by country. Below is what Site Meter has generated within the two days I've had it on my site. You can see that I've been visited by Slovenia (who are you and how did you find my website?), Singapore, and a whole host of other fascinating places.

How cool is that??

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