Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mica Shift and Translucent Clay

Hello Everyone,

I read in Donna Kato's book that translucent clay helps deepen the effect of mica shifting. I have a whole pile of conditioned translucent clay from last week's Marla Class so I thought I'd do a quick experiment. Below is a photo of three pieces of Kato silver clay. The oval piece has no translucent, the heart has one part translucent to two parts silver, and the triangle is one part translucent to one part silver. These were baked, sanded, and buffed a bit.
To me, the differences are subtle. I do think that triangle came out a bit more faded, probably too much translucent. The winner in my mind is the heart and the only reason is that it didn't seem to smear as much while cutting the clay. The translucent seemed to help "grease" the clay a bit and make it a bit more resilient to distortion.

I should probably try some of the other metallics, but I really, really, really hate sanding. I think I'll take Donna's word for it and use one part translucent to two parts metallic.

Short and sweet entry today. My next entry will likely be on a snowflake thing I've come up with. Turns out Pinata ink used to colour raw clay really starts to migrate through the clay to other colours. I'm running an experiment right now with some clay to be able to show the effects.



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