Friday, October 29, 2010

Margi's pumpkin

Hi Everyone,

You've read about my friend Janice several times, but you've likely only read about my friend Margi a couple of times. She's one of the coordinators for our annual Morrisburg get together and is incredibly talented. And, like Janice, it's a good thing she's so nice and generous because it would be very easy to hate her for her skill otherwise.

Lately she's been focusing on knitting cute little sweaters for her brand new grandson but she does take time off to do other things. Here is a picture of her Halloween pumpkin. I'm not at all sure where she got the idea and with Margi it's always tough to know, but this goes down as one of my favourite pumpkins ever. Margi's given me permission to post this on my blog and I do it gladly with a smile.

You can see some of Margi's clay related work here. And for those in Ontario, you can see her at one of my favourite artisan shows, the One of a Kind Show in November. To see more of Margi's versatility, check out her website here.



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