Sunday, February 15, 2009

A shabby chic tin for Betty Jo

Hi Everyone,

The other day I announced that Betty Jo had won second prize in my tin giveaway for One World One Heart. Since I hadn't made the second tin yet and since Betty Jo's been going through a very rough time with the recent loss of her husband, I thought I would try to do something a bit special for her. I e-mailed her and asked if she had a style and favourite colours. She wrote back that pinks and greens, flowers, and shabby chic were her favourites at the moment. She sent me the link to one of her blog sites here, and I used a few other bits from her blog for inspiration.

Well, shabby chic, pastels, and flowers are very different than what I normally work with, but I had some leftover clay when Janice had come over to visit that were perfect for the project (Janice would have known immediately what to do). And just by coincidence I had bought a stamp at the Dollarama that seemed to be perfect for the tin. While I wasn't sure of the result, I did think it might make a nice addition to a hutch that she's doing something with.

So here's the tin. It's made from a watchmaker's case and covered with clay. The top photo is what it looks like closed, and the bottom photo is a picture of both the top and bottom. Dimensions are about 1.5 inches across and 3/4 inches tall.

I offered to let Betty Jo choose a different tin but she apparently is thrilled with the result and wants this one. Her thank you e-mail has put a smile on my face that will last all day.

For those of you that do digital scrapbooking (I confess to not having a clue what it is), Betty Jo has an on-line store here. Please go take a look at it and at Betty Jo's blog. If you're at all in the mood for a tearjerker, read her entry on wedding rings on her blog.


Vanessa said...

Oh this is one pretty girly little tin. I love it. Even though Betty Jo (who I don't know) is having a tough go of things this will definetly give her something to smile about. Good job Sandy!

Betty Jo said...

Oh Sandy my tin is just so beautiful! I really adore it and will find a very special place for it. You are such a gifted artist, and personally, I think you do "girly" very well. ♥ Thank you so much!