Friday, November 21, 2008

Arizona Trip Day 1, Phoenix to Globe

Hi Everyone,

It's crazy busy these days as I try to finish up a few projects at work, get ornaments ready for the Clayamies Christmas swap, and a whole host of other things. I have finally sorted through my 1000+ photos of our 12 day trip to Arizona and thought I would post some of my favourites from each day.

It's not necessarily going to be pretty because I find I can't predict the layout of the photos with Blogspot and it's the quickest way to chew up blogging time. So instead, I'll just sort of throw them out for people to look at and not worry about how the text flows around them.

The first day we flew from Toronto to Phoenix, rented our Pontiac G6 (an excellent car for two people doing a road trip with twisty windy roads, but not so good if you've got too many suitcases, which we didn't) and drove to Boyce Thompson Arboretum, about 55 miles outside of Phoenix. Both my husband and I are birders and wanted to see if there was anything in November there. A few new birds and lots of interesting scenery. Here are some of the pictures from the arboretum.

We probably spent two to three hours at the arboretum. Weather in late October was comfortable in pants and t-shirt but started to drop as the sun started to set. The photo on the left had an interesting sign, I'm sure it's a very effective way of keeping people on the trail. If you click on the photo you can see that it says "Rattlesnakes only". Needless to say neither one of us explored beyond where we were supposed to.

We had three geocaching travel bugs with us that wanted to go south. We enjoy helping travel bugs in their journeys and part of that is taking photos of them at interesting places. I took the picture in front of the boojum tree just because I liked the name and the appearance of the tree. The tree in the photo is only about two feet tall.

This last photo is of a gila monster. He (she?) is about two feet long and apparently we should consider ourselves lucky to have seen one. Gila monsters are one of two venemous types of lizards in the world (I'll let you look up the other one). This one was quite sedate and ambled away from the path at it's own pace.

We spent the night at a grungy hotel (it looked OK from the outside) in Globe, which was about another hour from the Aboretum. We loved the arboretum and would like to see it in a different season.

And that was Day 1. Next up, Globe to Holbrook and Petrified Forest.

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Vivi said...

Whaouh !!!! what a nice trip !
I love those pictures ... wonderfull !!!
We spent 1 year in San Luis Potosi (Mexico) ... and we had such views too ... it's a pleasure to see that here in your blog, Sandy !
thank you ...