Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My new journal

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to start keeping a journal again and we went out to buy me a simple journal this weekend. I didn't care what it looked like since I knew I would be covering it.

The attached photo shows the journal though I'm having extreme technical difficulties and can't get the photo oriented properly. If I save it in the orientation that looks right, it rotates it 90 so it's on its side. If I save it rotated the wrong way it puts it up the wrong way and doesn't rotate it. I've not seen this before, and I've futzed with it for a good 10 minutes and give up. So tilt your head and look at the photo if you wish.

My thoughts on this - originally it wasn't antiqued and I really liked it. But, I also decided that it might look good antiqued. I applied a dusty grey paint to it for antique. I don't like it as much at all though I kinda like the used and worn feel it has. So I've scraped off as much as I can. My next step is to try a Mr. Clean Magic eraser to it. I'll also sand it some more and then borrow someone's buffer to see if I can bring it up. If that doesn't work maybe I'll give it a shiny silver antiquing or a dark blue antiquing.

There are times when I really want plaquing with translucent and others when I don't. This time I did and I didn't get it at all! And I purposely conditioned, didn't care about air bubbles, the whole set that's supposed to make it plaque, and...nothing!

I do like my colour choices and the overall layout. I consider it a good job when my husband says "wow, I like that", and he did.

I didn't worry too much about the back - I used up an old swatch of mokume gane that has some glow in the dark in it. It's amazing, same setting on the oven, no plaquing on the front side but the back side burned a bit and plaqued like crazy. I'll sand that down at some point, maybe.

And that's it. I just wish I could figure out how to re-orient the photo. I even tried other photos and they still want to come out sideways. There's nothing in the code that I can see that's making it go this way.



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