Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shower Curtain Texture and Magic Glos

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous post - one of my best finds from the Table de Junque at Morrisburg was a piece of a shower curtain. It originally looks like your typical shower curtain - plastic, nothing fancy, very flat feeling except that you can detect a bit of a ridged pattern. Thanks very much to Jaycee for bringing these in.

Here's what it looks like when it comes out of the pasta machine with the pattern on it. I applied PearlEx first, then ran the sheet and the clay on the same setting as I had the clay without the sheet. There definitely is a front and back to the shower curtain and I got lucky with this sheet by putting it through the good side first. It's really hard to believe that this isn't 3D.

Marg from Shades of Clay donated a couple of bottles of Lisa Pavelka's new Magic Glos for the group to play with. It's a UV curable coating similar to Envirotex or Liquid Glass or other products. I had been warned by a couple of people that it doesn't like edges and will pull away from them if you're not careful. It certainly lived up to that when I put it on to play with it as a coating for a tin lid that I did. You can see how it's pulling away from the edges. Leaving it for a few minutes only made it worse. We did some trials on other clay objects and it really liked itself more than the surrounding clay. Size, shape, raw, cured didn't seem to matter, we all had problems with it. There's quite a bit of the liquid on this surface (which is a 3"x 5" tin cover), probably over half of a bottle.

The good thing about it is that you can pour it off the object and wipe the object down with a wet wipe and finish it some other way if you want.

I never did use the coating on the tin. Instead I tried using Fire Mountain Gem's Topcoat for Faux Dichro, but it doesn't look like the bottle on their website and it was old. That didn't work either and went murky though it could have been the age of the bottle rather than the product. So the search for the perfect product continues.

But, the shower curtain has opened my eyes to hidden textures and I'll be paying more attention to those in the future. I'm currently working on a never-ending card that Leslie taught using the shower curtain texture and I'll post photos of that once I'm done with it.

Next up - my attempts at Sandra McCaw canes which I tried to do from memory a week after seeing the video a couple of times.




Tina Holden said...

Hey Sandy, love the texture! Looks like a CANE in the picture.

About the Magic Glos, the product slams itself.
I had the same problem with the pulling away from the edges and even when curing and applying MORE of the Glos, it still pulled away. The instruction sheet says:"...On some materials, Magic Glos will pull away from the edges. Heavier or application of multiple layers (curing between each layer) will alleviate this problem or correct it creating a beautiful rounded finish...." Well, IMHO it shouldn't pull away from the material it was intended for which IS polymer clay, right? It also says "dimensional gloss for CRAFTS & Polymer Clay". It doesn't work on Inkjet printable Shrink crackles.
Although I was reimbursed for a bottle out of two, dare I say it, perhaps Magic Glos needs further reformulating. I'd like to know who has had success with Magic Glos, but realistically, all too often things get marketed too soon, drugs and vaccines included. We then tend to become the guinea pigs for something that hasn't been FULLY tested or long enough. When the product isn't 'ideal' blablabla.... That said, anyone want to try curing it on UNBAKED clay and THEN bake it and see what happens? (my clay is momentarily packed away)...

djames said...

Hi Sandy and Tina,

I found your post her while surfing on the web and thought I'd put in my two cents worth. I have been using Magic-Glos for several months and have great results. I have spoken with Lisa Pavelka personally about the pulling and she explained that the product is designed to "dome" and only pulls away from edges of items that don't have any type of sidewall. I found that by adding another layer or two between curings as indicated in the instructions did the trick beautifully. However, when I use it in bezels settings or anything with a sidewall, it only requires one single application and I can still overfill to get a nice rounded top. I think it's only fair to say that there is no one ideal product for every application. Every creative material has its advantages and limitations. I have lots of products that work well on some surfaces and for some applications, but not so well on others. For my purposes, this product is ideal and works much better and is more durable than other materials I have tried to give a dimensional gloss to my work. I am sensitive to fumes and won't work with toxic materials. Plus I like the immediate gratification I get with using this product. It took me a few tries to perfect my technique for application, but the learning curve was much lower than other materials I work with and well worth the results. I have recommended this product to several friends and they all love it. It's nice to know that Lisa stands behind her products and issued you a refund when you weren't satisfied. Hopefully you'll find the right product for your intended use.

Davita James

Tina Holden said...

I knew it would work with sidewalls/dams, although I don't think they are necessarily aesthetically pleasing on delicate objects. I don't want to go into dissecting every word on the Magic-glos instruction sheet, but when one reads the instructions BEFORE buying the medium, and deciding that this is THE reason for buying it, one would expect those instructions to hold true to their word. The second sentence on the instruction sheet says: "...It can be applied without dams or sidewalls to contain it..." In my opinion when it says can be used WIHOUT sidewalls and it pulls away, that is NOT containing it and in that regard the instructions are misleading.

Anonymous said...

hi im Silvia and i live in montreal, in wanna know, where can i buy magic glos or similar, here in Mtl?


Sandy said...

Hi Silvia,

I don't know the craft stores in Montreal, but you can buy it on-line (along with all sorts of other toys) at Marg runs the business and is very prompt at delivering.