Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's all about Bev - her new website is up!

Hi Everyone,

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Bev's stamps. I found out today that Bev's new website is up and actually has been for a while. It's and here are some images from it. This first one is a good demo of the variety of stamps that she's created.

She's got her patterns listed with photos of the print of the pattern. If you want to see what the stamps actually look like, you can see a couple of samples on my blog here.

The website is still in progress - she wants to add prices, shipping and handling costs, and a few other things, but there's certainly enough to give you ideas and she does provide an e-mail contact there. I'm honoured to be on her website - if you click on the sample gallery page you can see my Christmas boxes that I posted on my blog last year.

Another design in the sample gallery was generated by Cathy M. from our guild, it's the third on the right of the bottom samples. Cathy attended a conference and noticed a man doodling. She took his doodles and had stamps generated from them - it's a wonderful stamp and I have a copy of it.

If you look at her background of her website you'll notice that it's the same pattern as the one that I've kept mentioning as my favourite stamp (until the shower curtain revelation, and each has their own place in my tool box). The pattern is called Feather Boa and it's on the second page of the galleries.

Here's a sample of another pattern that I've decided I quite like. It's wonderful in metallics and I think it might make a great mica shift (something else to play with).

Anyhow, I thought everyone should know that we've got a new addition to our repertoire of tools. While Bev wasn't able to attend Morrisburg she did send along her stamps and they did very well there. Karen, who acted on Bev's behalf, was hardly able to accomplish anything because people were constantly pestering her for the stamps.

Wendy did a wonderful job at Guild today but I didn't accomplish anything to show since I'm not sure whether I've got allergies or coming down with a cold. I'll finish my projects later and post those, as well as links to Wendy's sites.

Have a good week everyone, it's brutal crazy for me at work and I don't know when I'll post next.



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Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for sharing this info .. I was just thinking of having a custom stamp made but didn't know where to go so I think I will check it out. By the way, I enjoy your blog -- is fun to see what other clayamies are up to and you do some neat stuff!
Carolyn (one of the 2 good claymates)