Thursday, January 10, 2008

My New Year's project

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd start the new year actually planning a project. I've been madly in love with Jon Anderson's Fimo Creations/ ever since I saw his work in San Diego. So I'd like to try doing something similar. I love his colour schemes and the intricacy in his work.

I don't think I want to do an animal shape, so I've decided to cover a Werther's Christmas tin instead.

I'm now looking for inspiration for canes. I know for sure that I'm going to use the Tesselated Canes from Judy Belcher.

I also know that I want to incorporate Mike Buesseler style landscape canes/ into the work.

I think I'll also use some of my stained glass patterns to generate canes. Here's the first one that I want to try.

I think for now I need to start with a big whack of conditioned clay in the colours that I want. That should be interesting.

I'll post updates along the way but I expect this to be a six month project. I'm hoping to generate 20-30 canes.


Tina Holden said...

Am looking forward to see what you'll do with the Werther's tin.

Vivi said...

Hi Sandy !!!
I've already seen Jon's work ... it's incredible, too nice ... too much time to work on it !!
Your project is beautifull, I'll come back to see ...
bye !