Sunday, January 13, 2008

Canada goose cane...

Hello Everyone,

I've got my first project canes completed. If you look at the previous post you'll see the stained glass pattern that I used to complete the Canada goose cane.

I took some of the remainder of the clay and did a Judy Belcher tesselated cane series. Now I have five canes that will work together. The tesselated canes are not at all intuitive. I literally have to carry my stuff over to the TV and follow along with Judy's video. Perhaps by the third or fourth attempt I'll finally understand it on my own. Judy's video is amazing.

I'm OK with the goose, not thrilled, but not upset - it came out about what I expected though in hindsight I probably should have used a more brilliant blue but we'll see what the overall effect is once I get the rest of the canes made.

I'm now going to look for a nice bear pattern either in stained glass or in the intarsia patterns. That'll be my next project.




Vivi said...

ouaouh, I love those colors and those canes !!

Louise said...

very nice canes Sandy. Following your discoveries every time you post!