Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Aurora Borealis Technique

Hi Folks,

At Morrisburg Diane had some clay that she was playing with to cover a pen. When I saw the results I was blown away - the colours are beautiful and I loved the free-form of it.

The technique is from Cindy Leitz and you can see a preview here.

Despite my strongly worded hints and outright begging, Diane wasn't willing to part with the pen, which is the top pen in the photo. I can't really blame her, the pen was perfect and we don't often get perfection at Morrisburg, so she was entitled.

But, Diane was kind enough to give me my very own sample to play with. After our Morrisburg adventure with pens (thanks, Margi!) I went to Lee Valley and bought some other pen kits to play with. The bottom picture is my attempt using the clay that I was given by Diane. I covered it with Future and I'm very happy with it.

Because we're penny pinching at home for the next while I'm not spending a lot of money on clay supplies or tutorials. I've also got enough experience that I can usually figure out what I want to do through extra resources on the Internet. But Cindy's technique is definitely unique and not something that's easy to reverse engineer, nor do I want to try because it is so different. It is a bit reminiscent of Desiree's braided cane but I do know that it's a whole lot simpler.

I did e-mail Cindy about possibly doing group prices since I know many of the women at Guild would love to learn it and she's considering it. I was also so very pleased to hear that she's definitely thinking about offering her videos on a one-off basis.

I can hardly wait!



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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love the your pens Sandy and Diane!! They turned out amazing! Thank you for saying what you said about the technique. I am glad you love how it looks.

Although I guess there are some similarities to the colors and patterns of Desiree's braided cane, as Diane probably mentioned my Aurora Borealis Cane is done using completely different techniques and tools, and is super simple and fast to make.

I know that you are going to really love the simplicity of the tutorial when you do finally get it. Although the price of $9.95 per Volume (4 video tutorials and 4 color recipes) is extremely reasonable, there have been a many requests for purchasing individual tutorials, so we are currently working on a way to supply them for everyone. We'll let you know when they are ready!