Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Mirror for a Friend...

Hi Everyone,

Today's craft was making a mirror for a friend. This was about my fifth attempt and I finally got something I pretty much like.

We have cubicles at work where we don't face the entrance to our cubicle. Bad Feng Shui, apparently. One of the women who clayed with us a couple of weeks ago has a mirror set up so that she can see who is approaching her. She liked my happy face cane and kept a sample on the mirror. She's on vacation at the moment so I thought I would surprise her with a hand made mirror for when she gets back.

Wow, talk about difficult for something so simple in concept. I thought to myself when I stole her mirror that this would be a two hour job max. Tried something last weekend, didn't like it. Tried a couple of other things later on in the week, still didn't like it. Finally came up with this design today but it was almost an all day task. Tried several different things even today.

Then it turns out that the thing is also hard to photograph. I guess I've never taken a picture of a mirror before.

There's a fairly thick coat of liquid Kato between the borders. To do it again I wouldn't do that and instead would probably have just used a shiny glaze.

Overall, though, I'm fairly happy with it. It's by no means perfect, but my friend and I were discussing our approaches to crafts before she left on vacation. We're both hackers, perfection and beauty don't come easy to us. Unlike my friends Janice, and now Anoushka, who wants to start claying and, I suspect, will be very much Janice like in her approach.

So I think my friend will like this. It might be a bit gaudy for her and I won't at all be offended if she doesn't want it in her cubicle. But I know she'll smile even if she politely puts it away somewhere else.



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