Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom's been at it again...

Hi All,

These photos were in my e-mail this morning. They're photos of Bottles of Hope from my mother. She's done an amazing job and it looks like she's figured out lids (which I hate doing).

Mom's always had a bit of an addictive personality and now her addiction runs to clay. She's been dreaming about the bottles and tries to make the bottles in her dreams.

I think I'm going to try to persuade her to enter some contests or at least send some photos in to some of the publications if she keeps going the way she's been going.
Mom believes in high quality. The crystals on the various figurines are Swarovski crystals. No fake imitations for Mom.

She is having some oven problems and it's a question of buying an oven thermometer.

But the figures are beautiful and you can tell Mom's cake decorating skills really come into play here.

And it's nice having a family member understand why I enjoy the hobby so much.

Way to go, Mom! I'm so very impressed and proud. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled!

Cheers all,



georgia said...

these are just awesome, sandy, your mom is a treasure!

very very inspirational to those of us just trying to make one or two a day!

thanks to your mom for sharing.


louise said...

Hi Sandy I am getting stiff compet... oups inspiration here!

I really love her elephants. Never thought of doing that!
The bee on the flower is great also.