Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A polymer clay box I really like from Germany

Hi Everyone,

Occasionally I'll check my Sitemeter statistics to see who has been looking at my blog. I particularly like the country section. And sometimes I'll go looking for a clayer in one of the countries and see if they've got a blog or Flickr account. I've somewhat consistently had a visitor from United Arab Emirates but have so far been unsuccessful in locating that person. I tried again tonight but still can't find that person.

So then I went looking for Switzerland and somehow got sidetracked onto the German guild site which you can see here. And then I came across Anke's blog here (which has the least intuitive web address) and fell in love with her box for ATCs that she's created.

I love everything about this. The colours, the textures, the look, did I mention the colours?

I might have to get into mosaics - what a wonderful way to combine moods and emotions.

It's somehow appropriate to focus on a German artist since my travel bug Maple Bear (see the geocaching post a few posts earlier) is in Bavaria at the moment trying to get to Oktoberfest.




Vivi said...

it's right that it's really a wonderfull job !!! it's a box for treasure, for it's already a treasure !!!

Anart Island Studio said...

Hi Sandy!!! Thank you for featuring me on your blog!! I am honored to get this much attention and nice words from you...;-)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, it is a great box. Not sure if you have seen a book called Mixed Media Mosaics, which has similar work. It's by an artist with the great name of Laurie Mika. If you want a look see I'll bring it to the October meeting.