Monday, August 20, 2007

Stained Glass Snowflake

Hi Everyone,

This week is snowflake themed. I have a couple of ideas for snowflake canes, but I've decided that I can't start on them until I finish my sister's wedding gift. She's always wanted a stained glass snowflake from me, but they're a lot of work and not particularly fun, so I told her she wouldn't get one until she got married.

She got married in July (one of the 07/07/07) brides and I was hoping to finish it before her wedding. I made the mistake of picking up the soldering iron from the soldering iron tip and had second degree burns on my fingers so I didn't finish it then. Since then I've been procrastinating on working on it, but today I've finished it.

Here it is.

The pattern is from a book called "The magic of snowflakes" and the more I look at the book, the more I think I can do something with this in canes. Maybe I'll experiment a bit. Actually, I have several stained glass books that would lend themselves to canes. Can you imagine a cane that looked like this?

But, before I tackle snowflakes, I really should spend time cleaning up my hobby room.




Louise said...

That is impressive Sandy!
and I wish you luck in your next caning project specially using that book as reference.Ouf!

Anonymous said...

As an admirer of the time & skill it takes to make such an item, and as the husband of Sandy' sister, I can say without a doubt that this piece will be a keepsake in our family for many years. The design is beautiful and red and white go with the wedding anniversary colours. I can't wait to see it and wish Sandy more success in her endeavours. R.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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